Contemporary life requires a new approach to, and handling of, legal issues, which involves the planning, organization and implementation of alternative solutions, adapted to current court practices and individually customized to each client’s problem. Based on these new facts:

WE PROVIDE integrated and specialized legal services, both to private individuals and to corporations and businesses covering practically every area of the law (civil, commercial, penal, administrative, etc.).

WE RESPOND to our clients’ needs and requirements, by:

  • providing specialized legal counsel;
  • legally representing them before the Courts at every level, including courts of cassation (Supreme Court, Greek Council of State);
  • participating in negotiations for the out-of-court settlement of disputes, to avoid pointless litigation;
  • encouraging the settlement of disputes through the institution of mediation.

WE SELECT the most appropriate strategies towards the goal of successfully resolving legal issues, and the most advantageous legal solutions in regards to cost, time and consequences.

WE PERCEIVE the legal profession as a vocation, not an opportunistic occupation, and our main concern is to collaborate with our clients personally, to provide them with full and complete briefings about the progress of their case, and to encourage them to participate in every stage and development. Our personal contact and engagement with our clients is an integral element of the way in which we operate, as we aim towards long-term collaborations.

WE ARE DISTINGUISHED for our focus on the dictates of professional ethics, on speed in expediting the cases assigned to us, on direct communication, on confidentiality and effectiveness.

These values have shaped the philosophy of our law firm since its establishment in 1967 in Thessaloniki by the attorney Dimitrios Christomanos, with a primary focus on civil and commercial cases, and an uninterrupted presence in litigation; today, Mr. Christomanos (now retired as an attorney) retains the capacity of special scientific consultant. Since its establishment, our firm has served as a training ground for successful young attorneys and judges, and continues its operation with our team of attorneys, while maintain its character as a family business.

WE POSSESS a network of selected, tried attorneys throughout Greece, notaries public, process servers, accountants, tax accountants, translators, as well as court experts in most areas of expertise, whose activities we personally coordinate and supervise, so that we may provide full support for any and all of our clients’ needs.

SPECIAL SCIENTIFIC SUPPORT by Fotis Kremmydas, reputable Athens attorney, and Filippos Doris, Professor Emeritus of the Athens Law School, both of the law firm “F. Kremmydas – F. Doris & Associates”.

WE PROVIDE our services in the following languages: Greek, English, and German.


Thessaloniki 10A, Dodekanisou st.
2310 229 443 - 2310 545 625
6945 901 301
Crete - Heraklion
27 Kornarou Vintsentzou st.
6945 901 301