Annulment of Administrative Acts - Disputes with Public Agancies

  • legal recourse for any type of substantial dispute
  • annulment petitions in annulment proceedings
  • petitions to suspend the onerous results of executive administrative acts (fines, administrative sanctions, etc.)
  • exercising applications and remedies
  • actions and claims against the Greek State, Local Self-Government Organizations and any other State agency or Public Law Legal Person for any cause or from any legal relation (contractual or employment)
  • actions for compensation for illegal acts or omissions by government functionaries (during the execution of their public power)
  • legal recourse for members of the armed forces or security forces (transfers, illegal discharge, promotions, etc.)
  • legal recourse – actions for pension issues concerning retired members of the armed forces (Court of Auditors)
  • issues concerning political and military pensioners (process in the State General Accounting Office)


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