CDS - North Group - Remont

Commencement of our law firm’s collaboration with the company NORTH GROUP Consultants and the company REMONT Constructions.

The goal of the collaboration is the provision of an integrated package of legal, financial, investment, architectural and construction services in Greece and abroad, and especially in Eastern European countries (Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, etc.).

NORTH GROUP Consultants (development programs & consulting) provides primarily the following services:

  • compiling business plan studies
  • market research
  • compiling studies for subsidized development programs
  • organization of businesses and agencies
  • compiling studies on quality management systems
  • compiling studies on agricultural development
  • organizing and promoting exports

REMONT Constructions (architectural studies, construction, renovation of professional and residential buildings) undertakes the following:

  • issuing of building permits – issuing of permits for facilities with uses affecting public health
  • construction – supervision – renovation – energy efficiency design
  • regulation and settlement of unlicensed structures
  • architectural studies (3D designs)
  • interior – exterior decorating
  • real estate brokerage services

The above services are provided in the following languages: Greek, Russian, and Armenian.


Thessaloniki 10A, Dodekanisou st.
2310 229 443 - 2310 545 625
6945 901 301
Crete - Heraklion
27 Kornarou Vintsentzou st.
6945 901 301